Ovo-Vegetarian Recipes

Meatless recipes that include eggs among the ingredients.


Tofu and dukkah burgers

After more than a year since Sam turned vegetarian, I'm finally getting the hang of vegetarian cooking. For one thing, I no longer think in terms of stir fried vegetables. And … [Read more...]


Meatless chow mein

Most cooks blanch dried egg noodles in hot water to soften them prior to stir frying. I don't. I add the dried noodles directly to simmering broth and let them absorb the rich … [Read more...]


Squash and zucchini fritters

I debated for an hour on how I should post this recipe. Squash, in the Philippines, is kalabasa and there is only one kind -- squat and round. I'm not sure what the English … [Read more...]


Bean burgers with guacamole

Mashed beans, herbs, spices and the right seasoning make wonderful vegetarian burgers. And they are so good served with guacamole on the side. It's a meal that I prepared for … [Read more...]