Mixed vegetables in coconut milk — with semi-ripe mangoes!

Mixed vegetables in coconut milk -- with ripe mangoes!

So, we’re stuck with a couple of mangoes that are neither ripe nor sweet enough to eat by themselves. I don’t want them to lie on the kitchen island forgotten because fruits attract fruit flies. You know about fruit flies, right? Two months ago, they came with the strong winds and even with no fruit in the house, they just seemed to be everywhere. The winds died down after a few days and the fruit flies disappeared. But the memory still haunts me.

So, I’ve been doing my best to get creative with the mangoes. If they lie around much longer, they will become a magnet for fruit flies. I’d rather consume them before then. I cooked escabeche the other night and, for Sam’s welcome home vegetarian dinner last night, I made this dish of mixed vegetables in coconut milk — with cubes of semi-ripe mangoes. Good thing I cooked enough for three because Speedy and I simply had to have our share. »

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