Vegetarian burrito with beans and mushrooms

Vegetarian burrito with beans and mushrooms

I’ve always wondered if black-eyed peas were different from black-eyed beans. It appears that they’re the same. After that discovery, I chanced upon dried sitaw (yard-long) beans at the grocery and I wondered of sitaw beans which have that distinctive black spot, are the same as what the English-speaking world calls black-eyed peas. I’m still not sure. But since that first encounter with sitaw beans at the grocery, I had been buying them whenever and wherever I find them. They’re so good. I like them better than dried lima beans and kidney beans.

As with most dried beans, sitaw beans are sold pre-packed in the grocery. Half-kilo packs, if I’m not mistaken. I never really bothered checking the weight. Once I open the pack, I cook all the contents in one go. Overnight in the slow cooker. Then, I keep the cooked beans with the cooking liquid in the fridge (they stay good for about two weeks) and take whatever I need for whatever dish I’m preparing. It’s more convenient that way.

The star ingredient of the filling for this vegetarian burrito is sitaw beans to which I added mushrooms and other vegetables for flavor, color and contrast in texture. »

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