Vegan spaghetti with chunky tomato sauce

Vegan spaghetti with chunky tomato sauce

It’s Sam’s birthday and she asked for spaghetti. I would have wanted to prepare something really special and a bit more elaborate but, alas, a storm raged all day and access to everything was limited. Worse, for a few hours this morning, the tap went dry. When water service resumed a little before noon, I cooked in a frenzy trying to finish as many dishes as I could. I managed to whip up a vegan spaghetti dish for Sam with a non-vegetarian version (with diced bacon) for everyone else.

The flavors and texture of this pasta dish rely heavily on the chopped vegetables which need to cook slowly in olive oil with the herbs and spices. The tomatoes were intentionally cut larger than the other vegetables to contrast with the smoothness of the sauce. »

Garlicky pasta with mixed vegetables


A variation of the classic pasta aglio e olio, this version has chunky vegetables, a little tomato paste and thinly sliced basil. Very much vegetarian. Vegan, in fact, if you don't top with cheese.Sam likes spirals but any pasta shape will taste just as delicious. She was the one who got the broccoli and cauliflower off … »

Eggplant, pesto and pomodoro spaghetti


Tomato (pomodoro, in Italian) sauce is great by itself especially to toss pasta with. It's rustic and comforting, and visually stimulating to boot. But plain tomato sauce can be even better -- tastier with layers of flavor that blend so seamlessly that you can't tell where the first one ends and the next one starts.How … »

How to make a delicious meatless macaroni salad


I made this for Sam but she's still having end-of-schoolyear fun with friends so she hasn't tasted it yet. It's really just macaroni salad. But because the usual chicken or ham in this very ordinary salad packs it with flavor, you take the meat away and you really have to do something, or a few somethings, to offset the … »

Lacto-vegetarian lasagne with pesto and Mornay sauce


If Mornay sauce doesn't sound familiar, there's no need to draw back in fear. It's just white sauce, really, B├ęchamel sauce (Besciamella to the Italians) to be more precise with grated cheese stirred in. This is a very easy recipe, very tasty, very creamy. It's based on a recipe by Gabriele Corcos. Oh, yes, we are fans of … »

How to cook a lacto-vegetarian baked spaghetti dish that even a non-vegetarian will love


It's my non-vegetarian daughter, Alex, who had this for lunch. Yep, a vegetarian pasta dish for an omnivorous daughter -- and she loved it. And what did vegetarian daughter Sam have? Vegetarian lasagne, the recipe for which I'll post later.So, how is it possible to make an omnivore adore a vegetarian dish? First of all, … »

How to cook: Baked mac with cheesy topping: the lacto-vegetarian version


My younger daughter, Alex, is celebrating her birthday today and some of her girl friends are spending the weekend with us. Tonight was the big birthday dinner and we're expecting a few more of her friends to arrive. Alex asked only for three dishes for her birthday dinner -- baked mac, chicken yakitori and tres leches … »

How to cook: Lacto-vegetarian linguine with tomato-sour cream mushroom sauce


A lot of people stay away from pasta when they're on a diet. They think it's plain fattening or too high in saturated fat, or both. I have a cousin who went on the South Beach diet and wondered, at the start, how she could survive without pasta. The noodles consist of starch and, depending on the amount consumed, well, I … »