How to cook: Vegan stir-fried julienned vegetables with black sesame seeds

Stir-fried julienned vegetables with black sesame seeds

Oyster sauce is my favorite thing for flavoring vegetable stir fries. But Sam the vegetarian does not want to include any animal products in her food. Oyster sauce being made from pureed oyster meat, I had to forego it. No worries though. There’s another way to make a vegetable stir fry tasty without oyster sauce — the trick is to flavor the oil very, very well. With what? A lot of spices.

And I’m not talking heat. Most people think that spicy and hot are the same when it comes to food but they’re really different things. Spices can be hot, earthy, piquant, tangy, pungent or sweet. By choosing a spice variety, or a combination of spice varieties, as a base for a vegetable stir fry, you can cook a very fragrant and tasty dish. »

Make-ahead salad in a jar


My daughter Sam will like this idea. She likes salads but the process of prepping half a dozen different vegetables just before a meal can be a headache when everyone and everything is flying around in the kitchen. If more than half of the prepping can be done ahead of time, the rest of the procedure is a breeze. So, here … »